Commercial HVAC costs is an important factor in choosing the right HVAC contractorCommercial HVAC systems are very costly, complicated and are built for heavy duty action. Every business owners know that the HVAC system is an important factor for all employees to be productive and they can’t simply live without the system in place.

An important thing to consider though would be the financial impact of having these systems in place especially during the replacement, maintenance or repairing of the HVAC equipment.

In cases where the business owner or the account manager may not have sufficient knowledge in interpreting the installation quotes received from various contractors or not being able to fully understand the available equipment options or installation requirements.

Commercial HVAC systems prices have varying numbers and should be taken into consideration depending on the need of the business.

To gain better grasps and understanding of the commercial HVAC systems and installation costs, please see the guidelines below:

Understanding the Commercial HVAC equipment

The equipment or commercial HVAC unit cost may vary depending on the quality and reputation of the brand or manufacturer, the heating and cooling capacity of the desired unit and the technological aspect of the system’s functioning.

Commercial HVAC systems fall under two categories namely: water-cooled or air-cooled.

The first one would be less expensive though the latter one is proven more efficient especially with the use of VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow.

If a business gears towards long term savings, definitely the VRF would be most ideal if a business is willing to shell out bigger cost at first.

Commercial HVAC Duct and Pipe Work

Alongside installation of a new commercial HVAC system, it will entail placing new duct work with new pipes to transport water or refrigerant for cooling purposes.

Installation costs may drop if there will be no need for new ductwork or piping but a service contractor has to check if this would be the case. They have to consider the compatibility of available pre-existing ductworks and verify if these will deliver the same quality output expected.

This may also entail closing the business for a considerable amount of days to ensure that the contractors would be able to do the works without any impediments or obstacles along the way.

Prior to the start of the HVAC activities, advise the contractor to see the commercial HVAC cost estimator and factor in the timelines to have an overview of the entire working project.

Commercial HVAC controls

The cost of the control system for commercial HVAC systems may expand or increase dependent on the size of the system needed to be controlled and monitored.

A business should check the need for small thermostats or built in ones or if they would need centralize HVAC equipment control and smart thermostats which would cost more but would be more precise in the measurement.

Look for integrated and technologically sophisticated as possible.

Commercial Pre Startup Testing

This is not as easy as a plug and play technology.

Once the original installation is complete, every component of the HVAC system should be checked and inspected as well as tested to verify if certain adjustments or replacements would need to be done.

Maintenance service from HVAC contractors

Maintenance of these systems is very crucial to the HVAC system which means you cannot skip this area.

It is important to secure a commercial HVAC maintenance contract cost to be part of the deal and the policy which would enumerate the things a contractor should do post installation or post repair phase.