Commercial HVAC Service - Chicago Heating and Cooling ProsThe HVAC or the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system or equipment generally provides the necessary heating or cooling for residential, commercial or industrial buildings and structures.

The HVAC system may also have the role of providing fresh outdoor air to minimize interior airborne contaminants such as dust, odors from occupants, volatile organic compounds or commonly termed as VOC’s emitted by interior furnishings, chemicals emitted or released by cleaning materials and the likes.

Definitely, a properly installed and maintained designed system will provide a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

With an office or business set up, companies or institutions should ensure that their commercial hvac systems are working perfectly in order to achieve the main purpose of why this equipment are in place.

Just like an air conditioner’s purpose of cooling and dehumidifying the air as it passes through a cold coil surface and with that of a heat pump which does the action in reverse.

Bottom line, the main purpose of the HVAC in the office is to provide the employees a comfortable place to work in. The more comfortable a working environment is, the more productive the employees will be. The more productive an employee is the more income the company or organization will get.

Although the business HVAC system is relatively complex and involves a lot of processes in order to get the desired output, gaining a better understanding of how they work may benefit everyone just in case something goes wrong with the commercial air conditioning and cooling or the heating system.

Commercial HVAC system is comprised of a variety of different parts:

  • Fans whose primary purpose is to circulate the supply of air and the return air
  • Supply air ductwork that the heated air flows through from the fans
  • Air devices such as inlets or outlets
  • Filtering sections that remove dirt and dust particles from the air within the system
  • An auxiliary heating device such as natural gas heating furnace or electric heating element
  • Controls that start, stop and regulate the flow of air inside a given structure
  • Thermostat – this can range from the very basic and functional to the extremely sophisticated feature but overall, its purpose is to control the operation of the entire HVAC system and provides precision temperature regulation. There are newer, digital and programmable thermostats in the market now which features both comfort and efficiency enhancing functionalities.

Air conditioners and refrigerators actually work the same way. While refrigerators cool just a small insulated space, an air conditioner cools a bigger scale such as a room, a whole house or an entire business establishment.

ACs use chemicals that convert from a gas to liquid and back again. The chemical is also used to transfer heat from the air inside a given home to the outside air.

The air conditioner is consists mainly of three interacting parts namely the compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. Both the compressor and the condenser are usually situated on the outside air portion of the device whereas the evaporator is located on the inside of the house and at times part of the furnace.

The AC fluid goes into the compressor as a cool, low pressured gas. The compressor squeezes the fluid which packs the molecules of the fluid closer together. Making the molecules closer and more intact creates a higher energy and temperature.

The heating process on the other hand happens when the system is turned on, combustion gases are generated by specific burners included in the system and then moved into a heat exchanger.

Air from within the building is then blown across the heat exchanger where the air is warmed then transported through a series of ducts to warm the entire building.

All companies must definitely consider a certified and licensed commercial HVAC professional service to be designated and be part of the regular work flow as this entails a degree of importance in the work place and would be crucial for the company’s progress and development as well.